Readings & Healing


What is a Reading?

Sandi will start by blending her energy field with that of her sitter.     Our energy fields contain information about our past,  present and  future so she will be able to sense where you are in your life -  whether you are in the driving seat or the passenger seat - what your potentials are, what opportunities will arise for you.  This is the psychic part of the reading

As she is doing this, she will become aware of the energy of individuals from  the Spirit World.  If it is acceptable to her sitter, she will blend her energy with those who are connected with her sitter, and provide information identifying  who has come, as well as conveying messages.  This is the mediumistic part of the reading

Contact with a loved one  in the Spirit World should bring a knowledge  that the person  is still very much alive - only their body has died -  which in turn will provide a sense of the continuity of life

Types of readings

Sandi can do one to one readings, phone readings and readings from a photograph.

What is Healing

The word “heal” means to make whole or make better and this applies to our minds, our bodies and our spirits.   It is part of our everyday language e.g. health, healthy, National Health,  but few people are aware of its true meaning.   It is available in many forms in today’s world, two of which can be booked with Sandi and Mike  – Reiki and Deep Energy healing.  

However, one of the most self-empowering forms is Self-Healing, and Sandi and Mike are happy to teach a 5 minute method to anyone who would like to be able to self-heal.

Deep Energy or Trance

This is an all encompassing therapy which mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically relaxes, reconditions, repairs, rejuvenates and re-energises

It is like having a major service on your car – all the working parts will be retuned and synchronised resulting in much better performance.   You will feel more in charge of your life and more comfortable in your self– stress levels will be reduced and you will experience a better quality of sleep   The effects of this treatment are ongoing and you will be shown how to enhance these effects yourself


With origins in various Eastern traditions, including Buddhism, Reiki is a form of healing in which energy is drawn from the Universe and transmitted thrugh he palms of the hands of the healer to achieve a rebalancing of life force.   It is very easy to learn and can be used to heal very aspect of our lives.  One of the wonders of the world is that everyting is created from the same universal life force – trees, mountains, oceans, machines and human beings

Locations and Prices

Angels’ Cottage –  Readings - £40 for an hour (£45 phone). Healing - £40 for an hour/£20 for 1⁄2 hr.

Champneys – see UK Calendar and or contact us.

Overseas – prices vary according to venue – see Overseas Calendar for venues and dates.

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